Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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Funeral Mass General Intercessions


Brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father, where He intercedes for His church.  Confident that God hears the voices of those who trust in the Lord Jesus, we join our prayers to His:

[Reader waits for Priest to say opening prayer before proceeding.]

The response to each petition is:  Hear our prayer

In baptism N received the light of Christ.  Scatter the darkness now and lead him/her over the waters of death.
Lord, in Your mercy: 
R.  Hear our prayer.

Our brother/sister N was nourished at the table of the Savior.  Welcome him/her into the halls of the heavenly banquet. 
Lord, in Your mercy:
R.  Hear our prayer.

Many friends and members of our families have gone before us and await the kingdom.  Grant them an everlasting home with Your Son. 
Lord, in Your mercy:
R.  Hear our prayer.

Those who trusted in the Lord now sleep in the Lord.  Give refreshment, rest, and peace to all whose faith is known to you alone.
Lord, in Your mercy:
R.  Hear our prayer.

The family and friends of N seek comfort and consolation.  Heal their pain and dispel the darkness and doubt that come from grief.
Lord, in Your mercy:
R.  Hear our prayer.

We are assembled here in faith and confidence to pray for our brother/sister N.  Strengthen our hope so that we may live in the expectation of Your Son's coming.
Lord, in Your mercy:
R  Hear our prayer.


CELEBRANT:            [Reader remains standing at the ambo until the Priest finmishes this concluding prayer.]

Lord God, giver of peace and healer of souls, hear the prayers of the Redeemeer, Jesus Christ, and the voices of Your people, whose lives were purchased by the blood of the Lamb.  Forgive the sins of all who sleep in Christ, and grant them a place in the kingdom. 
We ask this through Chrsit our Lord.

R.  Amen. 


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